I’m a 20+ years (incl. MS, BS) IT engineer. I’ve learnt HPC area, especially wide area grid computing at the university.

My career started with a programmer and designer of flow control framework which was similar to Apache Struts 1.x. Then I’ve done lots of projects as a server and storage infrastructure engineer, e.g. Superdome, ProLiant, Storageworks EVA/MSA/ESL/EML, HP-UX vPars/nPars, Linux, Windows, VMware.

The turning point of my career was developing a datacenter automation solution at 2007-2008. The solution automated following processes, create a LUN (HP EVA), scan the LUN, format it as VMFS, clone Virtual Machine, modify ~, delete ~ and so on. The solution managed not only VMware virtual machine lifecycle but also HP Integrity Virtual Machine lifecycle. I’ve experienced that I deeply considered lifecycle of datacenter, IT process simplification. I’ve also got lots of tips and tricks of vSphere Web Services SDK.

Currently, I’m a technical alliance manager at VMware, supporting OEM to productize VMware products and leading VMware Cloud on AWS in Japan.

For further information, please find linkedin.

Twitter: @m_ohisa

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    Onyx for the Web Client
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    IntelliJ IDEA 15.0.1 (Build-IU 143.382) …
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